Sunday, July 24, 2011

So, what have we been doing?

We have allowed this blog to fall horribly behind.  It gets to a point that you don't want to post because its been so long, but we need to post to remind ourselves why we've been so busy.  There's not enough space or time to write about it all, so I will have to rely on pictures.

Joshua earned his Arrow of Light award and crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.  He quickly became active with a local Boy Scout Troop and a week later was visiting Stennis Space Center and camping on the coast.  Just a few weeks later he was off to northern Arkansas for Scout Camp for seven days.  (Mom did ok).
We have had the opportunity to raise a garden with the help of our neighbors.  They graciously offered to plow up some land and to give us a section to give it a try.  The boys have been really enjoying it and it is exciting to see so much come from such little seeds.  So far we are getting okra, yellow squash, and corn.  We have about one more week and the cantaloupes will be ready, and our acorn squash will be behind them.

Now then, our squash is quite prolific, so if you are around and need any please come by!  We are eating it like crazy, freezing it, and giving it away, but it keeps on coming!  The beef, chicken, squash,  pineapple kabobs turned out good, but one can only eat so much.  We will have the same issue with the cantaloupes and acorn squash once they are ready.

We have also been busy just working in the yard.  We cut a tree on the side of our yard and just a week later a storm came in and took out a large oak next to it.  Two trees out really changed that side of the yard.  At least it helped me have an excuse to buy a new chainsaw.

We have also had the opportunity to discover a few new places around the area.  One of these is Brent's Soda Fountain.  It is the old Brent's Drugs founded in 1946 that they kept the soda shop and converted the rest into a burger joint.  It is a neat place and the boys really enjoy it.

This past week we had dirt and six pallets of sod delivered to try to get areas that have never seen grass covered.  It looks like it will take about two more pallets but it will look really nice once it is all done.  Unfortunately, as we were trying to spread dirt and lay sod Friday and Saturday we had thunder storms and torrential down pours.  It did make having mud fights with the boys a lot easier.

It has been a really busy summer with both of our jobs and with Kristina going to school as well.  She takes her semester finals tomorrow night and will have a break for a few weeks.  We are leaving for Pensacola Beach Tuesday for some down time and then we will have one week before the boys start back to school.  It's hard to believe that we will have one in middle school.  They are growing up so fast.

Hopefully we can keep everyone up to date better going forward.  No promises.