Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Earthy Sage

That is the color we chose for the family room. I love it. It looks like it was meant for the room. In addition to the paint, we added new ceiling fans and lights. The lovely floor will stay for now due to budget constraints. The black and white checkered pattern isn't my favorite, but I can live with it. Actually, I am okay with the pattern, I'm just not a fan of vinyl tile. It will be nice to replace it with a better quality material. All in due time. The next step in this fun project will be to get the crown molding and base boards installed on the new wall. We are also replacing all the off white outlets with white outlets. The doors are also getting fresh coats of paint. So far it is going smoothly, so we should have no problem finishing well before out August 6th deadline.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So much for the rest from projects

So we had decided that we are going to take a break for a while from projects. Let's see how that worked out. Our Sunday school class was trying to decide where to have a class get together with room for kids and bounce houses. We offered ours since we have plenty of room inside and out along with the pool. Obviously this means we need to cram in some projects or it wouldn't be a get together at our house.

We have been wanting to work on updating our "big room" with new paint, some new light fixtures and ceiling fans, and a new tile floor. For this round we will be painting the walls and installing new ceiling fans. The problem is that two walls had a bad case of painted wallpaper and the easiest way to fix it is going to be replacing the drywall.

By doing this we have exposed the plumbing from the kitchen sink and this is the ideal time to fix a couple of other issues we have been wanting to address. The first one is that the sink drain is angled through two cabinets and by doing so wastes a lot of space. We will be replumbing this to flow straight back, which will also make it much easier down the road when we decide to update the kitchen.

The second involves the condensation drain from one of our central air units. The former owner was a creative do it yourselfer (?) and had the water draining to an auto pump that pushed it through a hose, into the attic, and out the side of our house. Not the prettiest solution or the most comforting, especially with the age of the unit and the fact that he is using the light fixture as a mount for the hose.

So, not an extremely exciting summer post, but now you know what our time will be consumed with.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good news from the MRI

Just wanted to drop a quick update to say that my Doctor called this afternoon with the results of my MRI. He said that there was no tear of my rotator cuff or tendons, and that the muscle was healing well. Luckily I have been taking it easy (you know, moving wood, planting trees, pressure washing the patio, gazebo, driveway, etc). Now I feel better that I wasn't causing an injury to get worse. The doctor said to use it, but to continue to favor it until it is back to full strength. I hope to start working out again now, but I will be taking it easier than I would like to for a while.

Now to remember that I am not as young as I sometimes would like to be.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Fun building forts

Both of my children have queen size beds, yet they choose to build forts and sleep in the family room. Oh, to be young again.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

When's break time

The last weekend of June was spent planting trees in the front yard. Now it's time to move on to the backyard. Silly me thinking we would take a break for the holiday weekend.The gazebo and fence started the weekend a little weathered. My awesome husband power washed and stained them both. They look wonderful. Just ignore the mess we made of the grass, it'll recover. Wheel barrowing and shoveling pea gravel was my contribution. John was probably doing more than he should with his injured shoulder, but at least he let me do some of the heavy lifting. He went to the doctor on Thursday for his follow up visit and had to have an MRI since it is not healing as fast as the doctor would like. We should have the results on Tuesday of this week. Hopefully it is just a torn muscle that will heal on its own with time. We would like to avoid surgery if possible.