Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Orleans Trip - Zoo

I don't really consider myself a zoo expert, but I have seen a few, and the zoo in New Orleans is a great one. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours and didn't come close to seeing it all. It was clean and on the day we went it was not crowded at all. It was a very enjoyable day.
Seeing all the animals was fun, but looking at all the old trees was hands down my favorite part. I can only imagine how old all of the trees are. It is awe inspiring to think of what they have lived through. I can only imagine how many people have sat on their branches and relaxed in their shade. The Louisiana swamp area of the zoo was very realistic. I think we saw that house on our way to New Orleans. They even had a swamp monster on display.
As we walked to this far side of the gorilla area, two of the braver inhabitants came to our side, and this one proceeded to stretch out and pose, alternating which shoulder he was looking over for the best possible profile.

New Orleans Trip - Aquarium

This picture was taken at the end of our aquarium adventure. Notice how wet Joshua's shirt is.That is because they got a little soaked when the manta ray splashed them.
Aren't they sweet.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's good to be home

After spending two days in New Orleans, it is good to be home. We went on a school trip with Joshua's Venture group. Jacob missed a couple of days of school so it could be a family trip. Our adventures took us to the Audubon Aquarium, the zoo, the children's museum, and the D-day museum. We also went on a guided ghost tour of the French quarter after dark, which was a little scary. Not because of the ghosts, but because of all the homeless people wandering around. We also stopped at Cafe du Monde for beignets and coffee this morning. All in all, it was a great trip, but I think it might have been a little more fun, or at least less stressful, without children in tow. I will post pictures of our adventures later. For now I need to unpack and get ready for bed. Morning will be here sooner than I would like.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Technical Difficulties

We have been a bit busy the past few days. I haven't even sat down at the computer since Friday. This afternoon after church I sat down to check email. I was a bit dismayed that the monitor on my laptop did not seem to work. Since things like that just make me mad, I let John handle it. He hooked the lap top up to the television in our room and proceeded to diagnose the problem. Sadly, it isn't an easily fixed problem and HP will be sending us a fed ex return box so that we can send it in for warranty work. That really irritates me. I am glad it is still under warranty, but I really don't think that something you pay a significant amount for should stop working within seven months of purchasing it. That is just my humble opinion. Anyway, for now I have my old monitor hooked up to the laptop. I am guessing we will have to get the old computer out to use for a bit. Technology is wonderful when it all works according to plan, but it is very irritating when things go wrong.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Socks, the wild game hunter

Socks would like to have a lizard of her very own. She constantly sits on the window sill trying to capture one. Look at that determination. Windows cannot be opened unless she is locked up, since She has pushed the screen out in the past. In addition, I have to keep the door to the family room shut to keep her our of the turtles home. I am not sure who would win in a battle between a snapping turtle and a cat, but I don't really want to find out. Also, since the turtles cage is full of dirt, I am a bit concerned she might mistake it for a litter box. Pets are so fun.

Joshua's Game

Joshua had his first ball game last night. They were able to pull out the win. The final score was 14-2. He had a great time and we survived the elements. Between the chill in the air and the mosquitoes trying to carry us away, I wasn't sure I would last the entire game. I am so glad they have a time limit on the games. We only made it three innings. The first inning finally ended when our team got six runs. I am pretty fond of the run limit each inning as well. Tonight we don't have any games or practices. This may be my favorite day of the week.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jacob's first "real" game

Jacob's baseball team had a scrimmage Saturday morning. The final score was 11-14. His team had 11. Last night was the first real game of the season. We had the pleasure of traveling to Harrisville, MS for the game. I just thought we lived in a small town. Anyway, the final score was 10-3, with his team securing the win. It was a fun night and Jacob really enjoyed playing.

We got a kick out of his stance. He was doing a great job watching the ball. Only four games and one practice to go this week. How long until June?

It is finished, for now

John did an amazing job on the bathroom. It is difficult to take pictures in such a small room, but you get the idea. We are taking a break for a few weeks, or possibly months, before beginning our next project. Baseball will be consuming our nights and weekends through the end of May. I am really looking forward to June.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Recap

It was a fun filled Easter weekend and today the kids and I are enjoying a relaxing day at home. I am hoping that the 2 inches of rain we got last night will result in no baseball games tonight. Meemaw, Peepaw and Granny arrived Saturday afternoon. We enjoyed visiting and they even managed to work in a baseball game. That evening we enjoyed some wonderful brisket, potatoes, and corn which my talented husband prepared on the smoker.
Sunday morning it was off to church for a wonderful Easter service. Joshua's baptism was of course the highlight of our day. Look at that smile. After church we had lunch with the family before they made their trek back to Texas. After lunch we headed to June and Larry's for an Easter egg hunt with some friends from church. The boys had a blast and John and I enjoyed a good visit with some great friends. While we were there our pastor, Marshall, shared a funny story from the baptism. He said that as soon as Joshua started up the stairs after he was baptized that candy wrappers started floating to the top of the baptistery. I guess he must of had a pocket full. It is good that Marshall has a sense of humor.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Home Stretch

Tomorrow is the day. I think we might make it. The bathroom is pretty much done. I think all that is left is caulking around the baseboards and filling the nail holes. It will require a little touch up paint, but nothing major. Once we hang the shower curtain and get everything cleaned up, I will post more pictures.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"A long way to go and a short time to get there"

I had to put that line in above, I love Smokey and the Bandit.

Seriously though, there is a long list of things that I still hope to finish before Saturday and I am having to start prioritizing them in case I run out of time. Tomorrow we are going to the Mississippi Braves season opener game with the Cub Scouts, so that leaves tonight and Friday to finish what I will (with possible touch up time early Saturday. Here is where we are this morning:

As you can see we still have to scrub the grout residue off of all the floor, and there is still no toilet or cabinet in the bathroom. The baseboards, crown moulding, and the cabinet doors are painted but not installed. The "shining" point is that we have our new light up.

Hopefully the next post will show some more progress.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Changing Plans

We took a trip to do a little shopping this afternoon. We got Joshua new baseball shoes and then went by Lowe's and got baseboards and a new toilet. When we returned home, the above notice was on our door. As soon as we got out of the truck a man from the water company was coming up our drive to give us the details. Our neighbors lawn crew cut a main line, so we have no water. They can't get out to repair it until morning. Oops. I was quite impressed that they were going door to door to let everyone know what was going on. Of course, it only affects six houses, but still. Since we have no water, we can't really work on painting and grouting. Oh well, I guess we will take a break this evening.
This is a picture of our house from the road. I can't believe how fast everything is greening up.

Here is the pool all cleared up. I am looking forward to having projects completed so we can just spend some time sitting around the pool and enjoying life in the country.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cub Scout Fun

Way to go Jacob!On Tuesday night we had the Pinewood Derby race at cub scouts. Jacob won third place in his age group. He was very excited. Luckily, he decided to forgo the regional competition this weekend. Our church is having an Easter party the same day and he chose to go to the party instead. Yeah for Easter parties at church.

Slowly, but Surely

We are getting there. Joshua and I went to baseball practice and when we got home John had made significant progress. As you can see all the tile for the front room is cut. I don't know if he is going to glue it all down tonight or wait for morning. Either way, we should have tile down before the weekend is up. It may seem a bit odd that redoing the bathroom resulted in new tile in the front room, but that is how we roll. Tomorrow we have to go get baseboards and a toilet. I think we may be entering the home stretch. We still have to paint the bathroom before we can do much else in there. Once the painting is done it is just a matter of little things. Hanging the new light, putting up the mirror, installing the towel racks, setting the toilet. You know, easy stuff. We also have to paint all the woodwork in the front room. As you can see, we started with the mantel. I think I will like all white trim, but I am not looking forward to painting the shelving surrounding the fireplace. It may not happen this week. I am going to be off work the week after Easter, so it may have to wait until then.
In other news, the pool is all cleared up and the liner is back where is should be. I have to say that Super Floc is pretty amazing stuff. The day after we put it in the pool all the gunk had settled on the bottom and the water was clear. We were able to pretty easily vacuum everything up. I was impressed. The guy at the pool shop was irritating John when he went to buy the Super Floc. He asked if John was sure that he needed it and if he had tried shocking the pool. John told him that he had pumped the water from behind the liner into the pool and he was pretty sure we needed the Super Floc. The guy at the shop just started saying, "Man, I can't believe you did that. Why would you do that?" You gotta love people with all the answers.