Sunday, January 31, 2010

I don't say it often enough

Have I mentioned lately how awesome my husband is? I don't say it enough, but I should. He is the greatest. Today, I spent the afternoon at a baby shower. He spent the afternoon cleaning the family room. While vacuuming the love seat he found a cup from Jacob's birthday party stuffed between the cushions. It's only been a week since the party. I guess it's pretty obvious that cleaning house hasn't been a priority for me this week. I am slacking a bit. Thankfully, John is there to pick up my slack. I am truly blessed.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Same resolution, new resolve

As with every year, I committed to get in shape this year. Unlike the past 8-10 years at five days into the exercise regime I am four days past my next best record. I hesitated putting this online but I figured the more people that know the better the accountability. It also helps that Kristina is doing it all with me so we can keep each other motivated.

We bought the P90X program. It is not easy but you can tell that if you stick with it that you will get results. So far I recommend it, and you can order it online from . After the 90 day program we'll see if I am up to the before/after picture challenge.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday fun

We survived our first birthday/slumber party. Jacob thoroughly enjoyed having friends over. They rode the rip rider as well as the bikes, played on the rope swing, played the Wii, made giant paper airplanes, cooked hot dogs in the fire place, had cake and ice cream, and watched a movie. All in all it was a success. We might actually try it again sometime.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

8, Already?

Today my sweet Jacob turns 8. Where did the time go? Happy Birthday my little dare devil. I love you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All good things must come to an end

We are now home and settling back into real life. The vacation was fun, but it's good to be home. Mom will be heading back to Texas tomorrow. The boys had a great time with grandma. They are looking forward to the summer when she will be back for another visit. The picture below is from the farewell party on Sunday night. The evening began with a very elegant band playing as we had dinner. Once dessert was over they broke out the 70's and the go-go girls appeared. It was fun. I had taken off the purple wig prior to the picture.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's not exactly the frozen scenery from home

We are still trying to survive here. We have heard that our pool is now frozen over.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Paradise Island

We made it!

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Getting closer

In less than 8 hours, I will be taking off for an adventure. Or so I've planned. We shall see how the plan works. Right now they are predicting the freezing rain to move in around 4am. I just pray we can get to the airport and fly away with no problems. Mom is here, so my kids are in good hands. We went to the grocery store this afternoon, so the frig and pantry are well stocked. I think the kids would enjoy a snow day at home with grandma. I just want to be long gone before the snow day begins.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Homework, for me?

The second half of the school year is in full swing. The kids each had plenty of homework tonight, plus Tuesday is cub scout night. I have lots of homework from cub scouts. We only have about three months to go, and we have to wrap up all the badge requirements. Sometime before next Tuesday I have to review Jacob's lists to be sure we've done all the Wolf Badge requirements. Since John is the Webelos leader, I will let him worry about Joshua's requirements. Anything that we lack has to be done before the end of February. That is when we have the Blue and Gold Banquet and present the awards. After that it is just fun stuff like earning belt loops and the final camp out. We try to finish up early since baseball season seems to make cub scout meetings more difficult. Anyway, in less than 36 hours I will be flying away, so we will see if I get my homework done. If not, there's always next week. I'm not sure at what point in life I became a procrastinator, but it is pretty ingrained. Once work is over tomorrow, I refuse to think about anything but enjoying a much deserved get away with my husband. I'm so excited, are you?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday down

It gets easier from here right. Just two more days of work and then it's off to Atlantis. I'm getting ready. The fact that it was only 28 degrees when I was driving home made it easier to get excited. It is supposed to be in the teens the next couple of nights. This is just craziness. I strongly dislike being cold. Just a couple more months and spring will bloom again. I am ready.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to the Routine

Tomorrow we return to work and school. It has been a fun two weeks, but we must return to the real world. My mom arrives on Wednesday for her week with the boys. John and I fly out early Thursday morning. I am trying to get pumped up for the adventure, but anxiety seems to be my constant companion. I am excited about the trip, but in all honesty I hate to travel. I hate leaving my kids, I hate feeling like I am skipping work, and I hate the hassle of airports and just getting somewhere. At some point I have to get over it and enjoy the journey. Until then I will just stay in knots. Hopefully by the time the plane lands on Nassau Island I will be ready to relax. Welcome to 2010. It's going to be a great year.

Sunday Morning

Does anyone else have this much fun on Sunday mornings?

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Passport, check

Our passports arrived today! Now we are ready for the Bahamas! Five more days and Atlantis here we come!

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300, Is that all?

Wow, after almost a year and a half I am just now at the 300th post. In honor of this, I am making my first mobile post. Thanks to my awesome husband who downloaded the ap and showed me how to use it.

The picture of socks is just a test. I wanted to be sure I understood how to upload a picture. So far this mobile blogging seems super easy.
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Tiara's anyone

Kristi sent me a text on Wednesday to ask if we wanted tiaras with lights or without. We decided lights might be pretentious and settled for feathers. Thanks for the memories. It was a great night with awesome friends. I just think we may have to separate the John's when we play Taboo. It is scary the way they think alike.

Happy New Year

Ready or not the new year has arrived. I am starting the year with a little insomnia. I am sure it is because my kids aren't home. They are attending a lock in at their daycare. Dependable babysitter for New Years eve, but they must be claimed by 7am New Years day. I have to pick them up by 7am? I am not sure why I thought this was a good idea. Oh well, the alarm and the coffee pot are set. We can all come home and settle down for a long winters nap.
As far as the new year is concerned, I have not yet made any resolutions. I always set out to lose about 20 pounds. I usually do, and then gain it back. Luckily I don't usually gain any extra. I just keep losing and finding the same 20. Maybe this will be the year I lose it for good. One can hope. I also intend to give this little blog more attention. I'm not making promises, just expressing an intention. Anyway, I'm off to a good start. It's only the first day of the year and I already made a post. Just 364 more to go. Happy New Year!