Monday, December 14, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

The last several years we have been taking pictures to put in with our Christmas cards, below is the one we picked after several attempts. We started with the dog and cat like last year, but gave up because we were frustrating them and us. We tried several different poses but decided that we liked this one the best. I am obviously not a professional photographer.
Just over a week ago we had our first snow of the season. We were sitting at a restaurant that Friday night with some friends when I said "It's snowing!" to which some said no, until they looked out and saw the huge flakes. They continued to fall all night and below is the result as seen the following morning.

The sun peeking through the treetops.

Our boys trying to be angels.

It's amazing how different everything looks with a blanket of white on top of it and how excited people are to see it coming down. Those people don't have 70+ trucks on the road, but oh well, it still looks nice and this weather didn't bring any bad roads.
We are almost finished with our Christmas shopping, just a couple more small things and waiting for a gift that we ordered to arrive tomorrow. I hope that the next 10 days aren't so crazy that everyone forgets the reason for the season. I hope that we are all bold enough to share it.

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