Saturday, March 20, 2010

Socks the declawed cat

I had to pick Socks up from the Vet this morning. She is now spayed and declawed. We decided replacing our furniture was pointless unless we declawed the cat. Now the challenge is to keep her from jumping up on everything while her feet heal. So far I'm not doing a very good job. When we got home she ate a little and then started running around trying to get the bandages off her feet. I hope she feels better soon and doesn't have complications.

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Julie said...

A newly declawed cat is simultaneously the most pitiful and hilarious thing one can ever see. HA!

Hope kitty recovers soon, and YAY for new furniture!

Kristina said...

Julie, I agree completely. She was so sad as she tried to get the bandages off her paws, but it was still funny.
She managed to get them off and is still limping a little, but I am hopeful she will be back to normal in a couple more days.