Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Projects never end

Life would be simpler if we could just take it one project at a time. Not likely to happen. The tree house is still in progress, but is waiting for funding. By the end of May to early June we should have siding purchased. Once the siding is up the roof can go on and the platform for the zip line can be built. Apparently, no tree house is complete without a 250 foot zip line. My heart may not survive, but at least the boys will be having fun.
In addition to the tree house the yard continues to take up way too much time. Our wonderful neighbor, Burt, came over and spread some more dirt to fill in the ruts (see above) from our last dirt moving adventure. Hopefully, the grass will spread quickly and we can have a green front yard. Even without grass, it is looking better thanks to these lovely flowers. I love finding such beautiful surprises. In the midst of these time and money gobblers, we had several days of rain. As we sat in the house, since it was too wet to play (credit Dr. Seuss), John began to ponder a fascinating question. What does the floor under the bar in the family room look like? Being the unsuspecting wife I am, I said, I don't know, we should move it and see. Of course, once you remove the bar, you have to remove the light from over the bar and the chair rail. Okay, now removing the backing from the old wall paper (yes, the previous owners just painted over the wall paper) and painting the family room has been added to the "to do" list. And yes, that is vinyl record wallpaper and blue walls. We may take the easy way out and just replaced the sheet rock. Removing 20 year old (at least) wall paper is not my idea of fun. I found an old picture to show what the room looked like with the bar. We are planning to put a pool table in the room, so it made sense to move out the bar. Okay, so there was plenty of room even with the bar, but we get bored when we don't have something to tear up.

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Julie said...

What room with a black and white checkered floor would be complete without vinyl record wallpaper? I just can't believe someone would have painted over it!! *rolls eyes*

I can so relate to the multiple project syndrome. We have it here, too. Same with the "waiting for funding" issue. Such is life!! I think we appreciate those projects more when it takes some patience to complete them.

I am looking foward to seeing the tree house completed though. I've always wanted one!!