Sunday, June 20, 2010

Continuing the clearing of the front yard

Friday night we got home and started burning the huge pile of branches in the back yard that we hauled there thinking that we would burn it all there. We decided after a few truck and trailer loads that there would be too much to move and decided to burn the rest in the front yard as we cut it. After we got the pile in the back started we lit the front pile and got both of them burnt down, even though the one in the front was burning into Saturday afternoon.

Now the only thing left in the front yard are some pieces of one trunk. I am hoping that someone needs firewood and gets these pieces first. It is amazing how hard it is to give away free firewood when it is 98 degrees outside. The stakes are for our next phase. We cut down 6 trees and are going to plant 12 Crape Myrtles along our driveway. We are still looking and deciding what variety to buy.

And we still need to get the stumps ground out. We have someone that is supposed to come tomorrow to give us an estimate. We got one before I cut the trees down and I am hoping that this one will be less. I cut them all pretty low so that they aren't having to grind any more than necessary.

Here is the better part of four trees. There are two that I drug to the back yard that I will probably cut for myself, and someone already came and filled their truck with a load. If you need some good firewood you really need to come by. Bring a truck and a chainsaw, and someone with strength to help load it. I would help but I did something to my shoulder trying to load the last pieces left in the front yard. I am sure that there will be more about that in a future post.

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