Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boredom is the Enemy

Today was a great day in that we had nothing planned. John went to work for a few hours and I cleaned house. When John got home he asked what I wanted to do. My response, clean house and clear the leaves off the back patio. Fall is definitely here, so clearing the leaves has become a regular Saturday task. Anyway, it didn't take long for him to clear the patio, and then boredom set in. We should all know by now what happens when my dear husband gets bored. Presenting, the partially demolished patio. This fun project was originally slated for November, however, we were contemplating delaying it until February to ensure enough reserve funds to cover incidentals. Judging from today's events, this has been moved up to October, possibly September.
A little background on this less than fun project. The previous owner of this wonderful abode built the patio on over the existing roof. There is currently a leak that we believe is at the point where the patio roof joins the old roof. It does not leak in the house, but it does leak on the patio. It is causing the soffits to rot out, so it has to be corrected. Whenever we remove the actual roof from the patio, we will have to put new shingles on at least two sections of the roof. Since we have never shingled before, it should be interesting. But as John says, "I saw it in a cartoon once." The only major challenge today was avoiding the rage of red wasps. Of course, John arose victorious. I just enjoyed sitting on the patio taking it all in. My pink roses are quite pretty.

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