Sunday, October 24, 2010

Waiting to board the plane

I am at the Jackson airport waiting to go to Tampa for the next few days to attend an industry conference. As I am sitting here I am reminded how much I do not miss the days that I flew out every week. Things are much better now.

I have been working on a couple of "putt-putt" holes for the fall festival coming up at church and here are the results.

Friday night Jacob was able to go to an overnight sleepover birthday party for one of his friends at school. He had a blast, but it was a bit of a stretch for Kristina as we had never met the parents until we dropped him off. It all went well, and it gave us a chance to have an evening with just Joshua. Jacob doesn't like Japanese food, but we love it so we took this opportunity to visit Stix. Joshua decided that he was going to eat with chopsticks and did great.

Now I am going to use the next bit of time that I am in the air to catch up on some reading. I hope the next few days pass quickly.

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