Sunday, October 13, 2013

The room is finished!

We were able to find a picture of how the living room looked before we made any changes. A little dated.

I think we brought it forward a few years.

The furniture fits better now, especially after extending the wall.

And the end tables and coffee table that we redid fit the room.

Our first attempt at granite. We made templates and had a local company cut the pieces for the countertops. Then we picked them up and installed them and the tile backsplash. For the record, even a piece of granite that is just barely over 4 feet long is still heavy. Like 170 pound heavy. Very thankful that I have a great helpmate.

After it's all finished we love it and can't think of anything we wish we had done differently. This is the first project that we have taken this much time on and worked on the details as much as we did this time. There's no telling what we could do with a room with actual plumb walls, a level ceiling, and 90 degree corners. I do know what we can do now - we can take a break. This six week transformation deserves a rest from renovations.
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