Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rain, rain go away

So far our Memorial Day weekend has been a wash out. I don't think tomorrow is going to be any drier. John did spend some time moving pieces of the deck to the burn pile. He had to attach chains to some of the wood to drag it over to where we burn. I think he came close to getting the truck stuck a few times. It is looking a lot different around the pool. We are taking out pretty much all the decking and buildings. Only the large gazebo will remain. Today, as it was pouring down rain, we put stakes in the ground and ran string to help us visualize where the new fence and retaining wall will go. All I could see was dollar signs. The blocks for the retaining wall are not cheap and John thinks it will take close to 1200. I am hoping that number goes down once we get a more accurate measurement. If not, we may just get a fence for now. Hopefully the landscape timbers that are there will last a few more months, and the wall can become a fall project.

These pictures are from last weekend when we were just getting started on the demolition. We pushed the fake wishing well off the upper deck. It almost flipped on over into the pool. I was really relieved that it stopped rolling where it did.John only made me a little nervous playing with the chain saw. In the end, it came apart pretty easily and made a nice addition to our Saturday fire.

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