Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where do I begin

I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted. Life is rocking along. Things are busy, but good. John said that I would post some pictures of our munchkins playing in the pool, so here goes. Things started off innocently enough. John was pumping the last of the ground water from behind the liner and the boys were taking turns testing the water. I tested it as well and it was cold. It wasn't long before John "accidentally" bumped them causing them to fall in. Once they were in they swam most of the weekend. Wednesday of last week they swam some more. Since then, it has been raining and cool most days. Today it is warming back up so it wouldn't surprise me it they spend more time testing the water this weekend.

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Julie said...

Why is it that kids have no sense of cold? I remember swimming in the lake up north when I was a kid. A lake which was, in the "heat" of the summer was still only about 50 degrees.

Now you can't catch me in water that's below 80! LOL

The pool looks great, though! Hope your family gets lots and lots of enjoyment out of it this summer!