Monday, September 9, 2013

Last year I had intentions of getting back into this blog and we see how that worked out.
Lets give it a other shot.
It works out well that we are also in another home improvement project (granted the way it looks and feels right now the "improvement" part is up for debate).
We are working on our front living room. If you look back to the beginning of the blog you will see it as it was right after we removed the paneling, but I have yet to find any pics with the paneling intact.
Here it is from two years ago showing the room pretty much as it was when we began two weeks ago.

We decided that we really needed to paint and touch up some rough spots in the wall.
This is what happened next.

Unfortunately it got a lot worse than this but thanks to my lovely wife's help picking up we kept it to a mild disaster at any given point.
We decided the fireplace needed updating, the cabinets needed replacing, the corners in the raised ceiling needed to be squared off, one wall needed to be expanded, four outlets moved, two more installed, and the two recessed lights needed to be replaced with four new LED ones.
Hard to picture now, but it will come out very roughly like this:

We will smear the remaining brick, and install a capstone on the hearth.
As it is tonight all drywall is in and the second coat of compound is on. (So is the dust). I have several rounds of sanding and feathering out more compound, and then the texture process.
Then, finally, the paint.
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Location:It's been a year, so it's time for a project and another shot at this blogging

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