Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Living room update

It's been two weeks since my first post about our living room project. Did I mention that it started out with us just planning on painting? Here's a pictorial update.

We decided while we were at it we would take out the outdated "can" lights in front of the fireplace and put new LED recessed lighting at all four corners of the recessed ceiling. And while we are at it why not knock out the corners and make the octagon a rectangle like every contractor since 1980 has done.

I've been told by a reliable Facebook friend that duct tape is up to code to be used in place of wire nuts. Regardless, I went the UL approved route.

A lot of drywall work causes a lot of dust.

We have 90 degree corners!

Oh yeah, we decided while we're at it we wanted this wall longer so we brought the opening in about a foot. Why not?

Look, our garage received a delivery of cabinets!

My finished masonry project. I had to measure in for the cabinets and cut bricks to build up the top two rows and then did a mortar smear application on all bricks except for the top layer on the hearth. It's now much lighter after drying.

Top cabinets mounted, bottoms just sat in place. Still have to frame in above the fireplace and drywall it.

All cabinets installed, templates for the countertops made, outlet and conduit for TV installed. Now I can try to find someone to cut some countertops for me. And start the fun process of installing baseboards and crown molding.
Someday we'll be finished.
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