Saturday, June 20, 2009

Home Improvement never ends

Today was Saturday, even without fire. After we ate the wonderful pancakes John prepared, we ventured to Floors Plus to pick out carpet. They came and measured yesterday, so we just had to go pick out the carpet and put down the deposit today. They are planning to install the carpet on July 3rd if not sooner. I am really excited about getting that done. We are only carpeting the bedrooms so it isn't a big job, but it will make a huge difference in the house. Right now one of the bedrooms has linoleum and the other two have parquet wood. The wood in the master is in decent shape, but the wood in Jacob's room is pretty nasty. I am looking forward to having carpet since the kids vacuum much better than they sweep and mop. It will be nice for them to be able to completely clean their rooms. I am just hoping we don't regret going with cream colored carpet. Next, we ran by the library to stock up on reading material before returning home to get the slide painted. After Derrick finished painting, we headed to Lowes to get masonry anchors so we can get the slide back in place. Upon returning home we spent some time playing in the pool before getting to work on our massive landscape project. It is slowly moving along. We made some progress with shovels, but John decided the job required bigger tools. We made a quick trip to Home Depot's Tool rental, and the job got much more fun for John. I got a little nervous when he first started digging and the machine was tipping a bit. He just told me not to worry because it has a roll bar. I am a little sad to see the Fig tree go, but it was not in the best location. We took some cuttings off of it a few weeks ago and planted them a little further out in the yard. Of the four, two are still growing. We think the moles have taken the other two. It's either moles or deer. The joys of life in the country. We will probably spend the majority of the day tomorrow working in the yard. We are hoping to get everything dug out so we can set the first layer of retaining wall blocks tomorrow. We will see if that happens. We still have to go get a load of sand and at least 100 blocks to get us started. The party never ends. Our next few weeks are going to be very busy. We are planning to get the holes for the fence posts done next Saturday so that we can get started on the fence. We have gone back and forth between a couple of fence styles. We have finally settled on wood with aluminum balusters. It is going to look nice, but it won't be cheap. Since we elected to go ahead and do carpet this month, the fence will be done in stages. We will get the fence posts set and then run a mesh fencing material around them. I know it isn't going to be the prettiest, but we have to do something because we have to have the pool fenced. We are going to do the balusters a little at a time. As we install them we will remove the mesh. We figure we will be able to have it done within four months, so we can live with wire mesh for a now. I will of course post picture as progress is made. Someday I am hoping to have something other than home improvement projects to post about.

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