Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yea!, time to go back to work so I can rest!

OK, I know that this won't be a restful week with all that we have going on, but this weekend has been work from sun up to sun down with the only break being chuch this morning.

This was our last Sunday at our Olde Towne in Ridgeland. I know that it was where we belonged up until this point, but now it is time to raise our family in a church in our own community. We have been going to Briar Hill on Wednesdays for three weeks now and really enjoy it. We know that Sundays always have a different dynamic, but we are hoping that we still enjoy it.

Now for the update on our projects. Since last Sunday's post we have added another 335 blocks to our wall, putting the full wall at a total of 13.5 thousand pounds (we shouldn't have to worry about this wall blowing away or rotting anytime soon).

We have our carpet scheduled to be installed this coming Friday and still have to tear the wood floor out of our bedroom before then. I was able to get Jacob's out but still need to get a little adhesive up. Beginning tonight we have our bedroom set up in the front living room and Jacob has been sleeping in Joshua's room for several nights now. The only prep we will need to do to Joshua's room is to remove the furniture and take up the baseboards since his floor is a lovely linoleum tile number.

Yesterday we had a friend from work come out with his tractor and auger to dig 31 holes for our new fence. I am thankful that he did because there is no way it would have happened with post hole diggers and shovels since we had to stop and sharpen the auger several times, and fill the holes with water and come back many times because the ground was so hard. We really need some rain and cooler weather; it shouldn't be over 100 for several days already here. It is like we are back in Texas or something.

After the holes were dug we set the posts. Today as soon as we got home from church we started taking the old fence and deck pieces to our ever growing burn pile. We have only one last section of deck remaining which is only being spared temporarily as I use it to cut our fence boards on. Our fence is going to be primarily welded wire as install the actual fence as funds allow. The finished product will be treated wood for upper and lower pieces with black powder coated aluminum balusters vertically between them. Once the fence is complete we will add black caps with solar powered lights in them . As soon as we have completed a few sections of fence we will post it. For the time being we will have the wire that you see in the wall pictures.
The above picture is courtesy of DecKorators, the brand of balusters that we are using and shows the style of fence we are building.

As I stated, this will be a busy week as we get ready for the carpet to be installed, work on the fence, install a couple of new interior doors for Jacob's closet and the laundry room, and basically run ourselves ragged.

I think that I will sign off now and try to start getting ready to hit the bed hard shortly.

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Julie said...

Wow, just reading all that made me tired!

I can say one thing, your family sure is motivated to get the job done! We're STILL trying to finish my laundry room... :(

Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your progress - looks great so far!