Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Saturday is getting close

As John has mentioned we tend to start our home improvement projects when we really don't have enough time to do them. Since we are having a little shin dig here on Saturday this seemed like the perfect week to strip and stain the dining room floor. John did a great job. The floor looks amazing. If we're staining the floor we should paint the trim and the walls. That is why there is paper all over the newly stained floor. I got the first coat of paint on all the trim today. Hopefully, John can get a second coat on it tonight. The plan is to have paint on the walls by tomorrow night. We are also painting all the trim and walls in the front room. We didn't want to make it too easy to meet the deadline. While we're at it lets finish the fence around the back and run new wiring to the gazebo. The pictures don't do it justice. The fence looks great. It is so nice to have things so open back there. Once Spring rolls around we hope to get the drainage, sod, and flowerbeds completed. I can hardly wait. The back yard is the whole reason we bought this house. I'll post updated pictures of the dining room as it comes together. I am so ready to see some green paint on the walls.

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