Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tamiflu for everyone

Friday night we were not able to get the floor completely sanded. We made the decision to call it a night and get up early Saturday to go get more sand paper. Saturday I got up before six and started getting everyone ready so we could head to Home Depot. Joshua dutifully got up and dressed. As soon as he walked in the kitchen, I knew he wasn't alright. He was in tears telling me his head hurt. As soon as I touched his face, it was obvious he and I would be staying home. His temp was 103.1. John and Jacob went to run errands. I gave Joshua some Tylenol and put him back in bed. As soon as the doctors office opened, we were there. His flu test came back positive for Type A flu, which is the H1N1. So now the whole family is on Tamiflu. Joshua can't go back to school until Thursday, so John and I are working out plans to shuffle our work schedules. To make things more exciting, Jacob got up this morning saying his stomach hurt. Once he threw up he felt better, so I am hoping it was just a little bug, or too much Halloween.
In addition to the sickness invading our house, we have quite the remodel mess going. John did get the dining floor sanded and stained yesterday. This morning he put the first coat of sealer on it. It is going to have three coats and there has to be a six hour dry time between each coat. While he waits for the first coat to dry he is working on the back fence. The above pictures show where we left things in July. We had to wait until we had a few extra dollars to finish the fence. Those balusters are not cheap. We found an online retailer that sold them for $1.35 each with free shipping, so we ordered enough to complete the project. They run about $21.00 for a box of 10 when purchased at Lowes or Home Depot. We were pretty excited about finding such a bargain. It is going to look really nice once the fence in complete. I guess being stuck at home with sick kids isn't all bad. It is giving us time to knock out some of the projects.

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Julie said...

Sorry that swine flu hit your house...that's awful!!

The floor looked beautiful, and I know that fence will look great when it's done too.

I can't believe how much you all accomplish around there.