Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three Day weekend, here we come

Actually, John gets a four day weekend, but who's counting. I was supposed to have a six day weekend, but plans changed. I somehow got chosen to do inventory at work next week. Yeah for me! It shouldn't be too bad. I'll just save my vacation days for another time.
Tomorrow morning we are having carpet installed in the bedrooms. We have spent every night this week preparing. The wood floor in Jacob's room came up pretty easily. Joshua's room has a lovely linoleum that we are just carpeting over. Our room was not pretty. The wood floor did not want to come up and the concrete underneath is pretty rough looking. It will be good to get the carpet in.

In addition, to the fun demolition work, John spent some time on the outdoor project. We now have a gate. We are hoping to get some of the fence done this weekend. I think the outside project will be ongoing for some time. There is still lots of dirt that needs rearranged. Once that is done we are hoping we can get some grass to grow without too much trouble. That may be wishful thinking.

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