Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

So far this is a pretty good day. It would be better is John were home, but he had to work today. I got up with him a little after five this morning, but I just couldn't wake up so I went back to bed around seven. I enjoyed a lovely nap until about nine. That makes for a great morning. Now I am trying to motivate myself to complete some projects. I have a couple of things in my sewing chest that need mended. It would be great to mark those little jobs off my list. I should probably sweep all my floors, but that doesn't sound fun at all. So far I have managed to wash all my bedding and clean a couple of ceiling fans. Jacob's bedding is in the dryer right now, so his bed will be made shortly. Joshua already made his bed, so his bedding may or may not get washed today. I have dreams of cleaning some windows today, we will see if that happens. I am hoping for a burst of energy that lasts the whole day long. I guess I should ban myself from the computer for now. My little jobs are much more likely to be completed if I quit sitting around. Have a great holiday.

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Julie said...

Hope you had a great day, even though hubby had to work! That's a bummer!!!

I know what you mean about all the "little" tasks that pile up. We've got lots of those around here, too!