Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Again

This weekend has flown by (much like all of them lately). It has been a busy week. This week Jacob was the Student of the Week for his class and he got a nice certificate and a letter from the principal in the mail. The scouting has started back up with both of the boys now in their second year. They seem to really enjoy it and since we meet at our church it is really convenient. We have the fall camp out in just a few weeks.

Most of the time the weekend routine is for me to make breakfast. I typically do waffles, pancakes, or something along these lines. Yesterday was the day and I chose pancakes. I always make everything from scratch, but my recipe is for a very small batch so I end up having to double it. Yesterday I was not paying attention when doing so and going too fast so we could get ready for church and missed on the salt. I didn't miss putting the salt in, I missed on the amount. you wouldn't think that just that little of salt would be so obvious in the finished product, but it was. Good to know.

Yesterday was a special day also. It was the first day that the boys have taken communion since they were baptized. This is much different than the tradition of the church I grew up in as we took it weekly, but I am understanding that our church partakes once a quarter. I also learned that you are supposed to hold the bread until everyone has been served at which time everyone eats at the same time. This is not the way we did it growing up, and would have been helpful to know prior to last night. Maybe we should have sat further back so I could follow by example. Oh well, I am pretty sure that it is what is in the heart and not so much what moment you take it. All the same now I know for next time. I need to see if there are Cliff Notes for church or maybe Baptist for Dummies so I can brush up for the other things before they come up.

Now I am about to go wake the boys up so that we can start another week. Kristina is already gone to work and will probably have a busy day as they have some visitors and new people coming in today. I am hoping that mine is pretty boring. We are already looking forward to next weekend. We are making plans to go to the air show and maybe to the Toy Story 3D double feature. We'll see.

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