Friday, September 11, 2009

My Random Morning Thoughts

Nothing big today, so I thought I would try just random thoughts that have nothing to do with each other.

Fell asleep last night after watching Pink Ployd's "The Wall" movie. The movie is odd, but I get pulled in by the music.

Our dog is very pathetic looking. I think maybe he practices it in the mirror while we are gone.

I wish we could get our dog to sit still so we could vaccuum him, probably a lot less hair would need to be swept up constantly. That or we would have a bald bulldog.

The boys brought home their progress reports yesterday and both have all A's. I am glad that they see the importance of working hard and that they are both enjoying school.

Jacob is being baptized Sunday and we are extremely excited and proud of him. If adults had the spirit that youth have instead of being jaded by life it would be a totally different world.

I need to mow the yard, but I keep hoping it will rain first. The way things are going it won't rain until I am ready to mow.

There are several sites that I glance at daily for quick visual humor. is classic and is also. The first shows ingenuity (maybe a little off the mark though) and the second shows the trophys of people watching.

We are going out of town for two whole nights next weekend. We don't know what we are going to do exactly, but we have a hotel and need the time away together. Thanks to our friend Jenny for agreeing to watch the boys.

We need to do that more often.

We are still loving our new church home. We are making friends and the boys like it there.

We are about two months into our facebook experience. I have learned that some people don't post, but some people post everything.

I also learned that it is mostly the male side that post song quotes and funny movie lines. I am starting to think that the other side isn't as impressed with this as we are. It doesn't stop me.

The boys are brushing their teeth and about ready so it is time to post my Pink Floyd Friday quote and get to the end of the driveway for the bus.


Julie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks in random patterns...

I LOVE peopleofwalmart...I just found it the other day and was CRACKING up! I've seen thereifixed it before, through failblog. Funny stuff.

Hope you two have a nice time out of town - it's good to be able to get away!

John said...

I also love the failblog and the graphjam from it. More daily checks