Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday night fun

I am not sure what normal people do on Friday nights, but it can't be more fun than what we do. Our evening began with John blowing up our last pumpkin. See video in previous post. Once he was done playing with explosives we made dinner. We had left over mashed potatoes, so we decided to make them into patties and fry them. Sounds easy enough. When I was growing up, or as they say in Mississippi, when I was coming up, my grandpa used to make potato pancakes with leftovers. I think he (or more likely my grandma) cooked them like pancakes, without oil. John said his mom used to fry potato patties in oil. We tried it with oil, but I think it was too much oil. It sort of turned into a skillet full of mush. John drained most of the oil off and let is cook some without the oil. In the end they were edible, but definitely not a culinary masterpiece.
Once dinner was over, John began sanding the dining room floor. It didn't take long for him to determine we needed a more aggressive sand paper. Off to Home Depot we went. Now that we are home again, John is sanding the floor. I just took some triple strength Sudafed and once I get some coffee in me I should be up for the long haul. The current plan is to get the floors stained tonight. The stain has to set for at least 8 hours before you seal it, so we want to knock that out tonight. We would like to seal it pretty early in the day tomorrow.
The floor is one of many projects we want to complete this weekend. We still need to paint the trim and walls in the kitchen/dining area and the front living room. Completing the fence around the pool is also on the schedule. No rest for the weary. I am going to need a nap come Monday.

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