Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another reason John is Awesome

He put the washing machine up on blocks and fixed it. He is the greatest. Yesterday as I attempted to do laundry, it started leaking. It began as a little leak, and quickly became a big leak. I decided to call it a day, since washing one load produced another load of towels from cleaning the mess. Today, my strong, handsome husband came to the rescue. The pump was replaced and we are back in business. A $55 pump was a whole lot easier to handle than a new washing machine, although I wouldn't mind having a new front load washer. John told everyone that I have been washing bricks while he's not home so that I can get one. I guess I'll have to try something else. It's hard to score a new washer when he's so good at fixing the one I got.


Roger said...

I've always found that popping out the liquid bleach dispenser and dropping some chewing gum, cotton, lit strings of black cats, and maybe some cement between the two tubs works wonders for suddenly needing a new washer.

Julie said...

It's great to have a husband who can (and will) fix stuff.

Guess you'll have to be a little more sneaky about breaking the washer next time. :)