Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guess what time it is

It's time for a new home improvement project. Like so many of our projects this one started simple enough. We set out to purchase a bed for Joshua's room. He currently has an antique set that belonged to John's great grandparents. It isn't in the greatest shape, so we decided it was time to upgrade. The original plan was to get him a full size bed since we already had a full size mattress set and a nice chest of drawers. That plan didn't materialize. As we were browsing the furniture store, the nice salesman informed us that they had a special going where you could get a free mattress and box spring if you purchased a bedroom set. Did he say free? Wow, we must buy now.
Can you guess what happened next? We caved and bought Joshua a whole new bedroom suit. It is a queen size bed with a dresser, mirror, and night stand. Wait, it gets better. Due to this awesome deal, we decided to go ahead and buy a new master bedroom suit as well. Don't try to make sense of our logic. Just go with it. We rationalized that we could pass our current bedroom suit down to Jacob. Now all three bedrooms will have queen size beds. This will make it easier when we have overnight guests. I realized the holes in the logic, but humor me.
Anyway, at this point we realized that the kids will need new bedding since they are getting bigger beds. Off to Kohl's where bedding was on sale. I love sales. The boys each picked out a comforter set and we made a trek to Lowe's for paint. We chose a paint color that would work with both to make the project a little easier. Now both kids have fresh paint, and the furniture will be delivered this week. I still have to get new curtains and curtain rods. Also, we are going to put a new ceiling fan in Joshua's room. Not too big a project so far. We decided to wait to repaint the master bedroom. I didn't want to rush to pick out bedding and paint. That will most likely be a summer or fall project. Our next slated project involves lots of digging, installing drainage, and laying sod. We are all about the fun.

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Julie said...

You and I must be related somehow. That's how ALL of my projects go.

You know what I say? Logic be darned!! :)