Sunday, April 19, 2009

Technical Difficulties

We have been a bit busy the past few days. I haven't even sat down at the computer since Friday. This afternoon after church I sat down to check email. I was a bit dismayed that the monitor on my laptop did not seem to work. Since things like that just make me mad, I let John handle it. He hooked the lap top up to the television in our room and proceeded to diagnose the problem. Sadly, it isn't an easily fixed problem and HP will be sending us a fed ex return box so that we can send it in for warranty work. That really irritates me. I am glad it is still under warranty, but I really don't think that something you pay a significant amount for should stop working within seven months of purchasing it. That is just my humble opinion. Anyway, for now I have my old monitor hooked up to the laptop. I am guessing we will have to get the old computer out to use for a bit. Technology is wonderful when it all works according to plan, but it is very irritating when things go wrong.

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Julie said...

UGH! So irritating! Especially when you pay a lot of money for something. Nice that it's still under warranty though.