Saturday, April 4, 2009

Changing Plans

We took a trip to do a little shopping this afternoon. We got Joshua new baseball shoes and then went by Lowe's and got baseboards and a new toilet. When we returned home, the above notice was on our door. As soon as we got out of the truck a man from the water company was coming up our drive to give us the details. Our neighbors lawn crew cut a main line, so we have no water. They can't get out to repair it until morning. Oops. I was quite impressed that they were going door to door to let everyone know what was going on. Of course, it only affects six houses, but still. Since we have no water, we can't really work on painting and grouting. Oh well, I guess we will take a break this evening.
This is a picture of our house from the road. I can't believe how fast everything is greening up.

Here is the pool all cleared up. I am looking forward to having projects completed so we can just spend some time sitting around the pool and enjoying life in the country.

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