Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Recap

It was a fun filled Easter weekend and today the kids and I are enjoying a relaxing day at home. I am hoping that the 2 inches of rain we got last night will result in no baseball games tonight. Meemaw, Peepaw and Granny arrived Saturday afternoon. We enjoyed visiting and they even managed to work in a baseball game. That evening we enjoyed some wonderful brisket, potatoes, and corn which my talented husband prepared on the smoker.
Sunday morning it was off to church for a wonderful Easter service. Joshua's baptism was of course the highlight of our day. Look at that smile. After church we had lunch with the family before they made their trek back to Texas. After lunch we headed to June and Larry's for an Easter egg hunt with some friends from church. The boys had a blast and John and I enjoyed a good visit with some great friends. While we were there our pastor, Marshall, shared a funny story from the baptism. He said that as soon as Joshua started up the stairs after he was baptized that candy wrappers started floating to the top of the baptistery. I guess he must of had a pocket full. It is good that Marshall has a sense of humor.

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