Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Orleans Trip - Zoo

I don't really consider myself a zoo expert, but I have seen a few, and the zoo in New Orleans is a great one. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours and didn't come close to seeing it all. It was clean and on the day we went it was not crowded at all. It was a very enjoyable day.
Seeing all the animals was fun, but looking at all the old trees was hands down my favorite part. I can only imagine how old all of the trees are. It is awe inspiring to think of what they have lived through. I can only imagine how many people have sat on their branches and relaxed in their shade. The Louisiana swamp area of the zoo was very realistic. I think we saw that house on our way to New Orleans. They even had a swamp monster on display.
As we walked to this far side of the gorilla area, two of the braver inhabitants came to our side, and this one proceeded to stretch out and pose, alternating which shoulder he was looking over for the best possible profile.

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