Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Friday, wanna climb a tree?

This has been a busy week, so I am ready to slow down for a day or two. I'm starting my slow down by catching up on laundry. Tomorrow I will continue relaxing while enjoying Toy Story in 3D. Sunday after church the air show is where you'll find us. Sometime during the weekend, I need to work in some rest and grocery shopping. The kids are working in some play time right now. They have not gotten much home time this week. I have worked later than usual, so we haven't been getting home until close to six. By the time homework and dinner are over, it is time to get showers and go to bed. I don't like it when things are so rushed. I'm ready for a break. On the way home Jacob asked if he could climb a tree when we got home. Joshua asked if I wanted to climb too, but I refrained. I am not sure this poor little tree will survive my boys.

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