Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Everyone needs deadlines

So we were sitting around and said to ourselves, "hey, we haven't done any projects in a while." We have been wanting to remove the last of the paneling (dining room) from the house and refinish those walls, prime and paint all of the wood trim and built in cabinets in the dining room, living room, and entry way, paint the kitchen, and paint the exterior doors from the dining room and living room. So then we said, "you know, we have 30+ people that will be here in two weeks for a shower we are hosting, what better time than now to start all of these at once? Oh, and while we're at it why don't we completely refinish the hardwood parquet floors in the dining room? How hard can it be?" And then, "and we still have about 200 feet of fence to do in the back yard, that sure would look nice if it was done before everyone is here."

So this is our life. We have less than 1 1/2 weeks to finish. We have barely gotten started. No guarantees this time. Pictures will be added as time allows.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Cheering for you from the sidelines....

My husband likes to start projects about 30 minutes before we either A) are having company or B) need to leave to go somewhere.

Good luck!