Monday, October 12, 2009

The party never ends

John and I were sitting in the front room checking out the facebook. He looks up and says "Are those wet spots?" What? Apparently our roof has a leak. It is supposed to rain until Thursday, so who knows what we will find once it dries out enough to get up there and check it out. I would be fine with just ripping out the tray ceiling. Yes I realize that won't fix the roof leak, but I wanted to make sure I got that idea out there. At one time it had a vaulted ceiling. According to the man we bought the house from the tray ceiling was put in because he was losing too much heat and air with the vaulted ceiling. According to one of the neighbors they had problems with moisture (condensation) on the vaulted ceiling and just covered it up. Who knows what we will discover. It should be fun, or maybe the opposite of fun. An adventure to say the least. To make this more interesting, we are hosting a baby shower/bar-b-que (remember where we live) in a couple of weeks. I need the house to be somewhat in order since the guest list includes about 30 adults, plus the children that come along with 15 couples. Nothing like a little pressure. This weekend is already pretty full with the Akela Campout. Hopefully everyone stays well and we get to enjoy the fun. Joshua is running a fever today, but the doctor diagnosed it as a viral infection that needs to run its course. Hopefully, he doesn't share the bug.

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