Thursday, February 5, 2009


One of the flowers in the front bloomed. I am pretty sure they are daffodils. It was looking pretty sad so I decided to pick it and bring it in to warm up. The cat immediately took it out of the vase and ran off with it. Once I recovered it, I put it in the family room so I can lock the cat out.It has been in the mid twenties the last few nights, but it should warm up this weekend. I hope we don't get any more cold snaps. Have I mentioned I am ready for Spring.


Julie said...

Oh, to see a flower...ANY flower. I'd even take just plain old grass right now.

It was 2 degrees this morning when I went to MOPS. TWO.DEGREES.


We're supposed to have a "heat wave" tomorrow and get up to a whopping 34 degrees.

Kristina said...

I hope you get a better heat wave soon. We are in the 70's today and it is supposed to stay warm through the weekend.