Saturday, February 7, 2009

What a Guy

John makes breakfast on Saturday. Is is sort of a tradition at our house. We usually have pancakes or waffles. Today was waffles. Our waffle iron is an antique. John's Nanny made waffles on it for him when he was a kid.
In addition to making a good breakfast he also likes to cook on the smoker. Today he is smoking ribs, potatoes, and corn on the cob. We have some friends coming over for dinner this evening. I need to get busy cleaning this morning while John is doing some sanding in the hall. Once he is done we have to get some primer on the walls. It is going to be a busy day.

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Julie said...

Now how is it that an antique waffle iron works, but the really nice one my husband bought me just over two years ago quit working just over a year after he bought it (and the warranty expired).

We had BBQ for lunch today, too! (Although we cheated and went to a restaurant)