Thursday, February 26, 2009

So much for taking it slow

I mentioned a few nights ago that John was starting to rip the wallpaper out of the bathroom. Well he got a little carried away. Last night he ripped out the cultured marble that was around the tub. It looks a little different now. See the cool mold growing. Anyway, at this point the kids could still use the toilet and sink in their bath. We discussed leaving everything alone since we have lots of stuff going on this weekend and we aren't sure how much time we can devote to the project.Guess what? He couldn't resist tearing out a little more. I was just sitting at my desk working away at about 6:40 this morning, when I got an email with the above picture. I had only been gone for an hour. I guess the bath is officially off limits. We will now all four be sharing one small bathroom. This will be a great time of bonding. Last night when Joshua got out of the shower, he told me to feel his hair. He said it was really soft since he used my conditioner. Also, he told me that his skin was softer and smelled nice since he used my shower gel. I hope this room goes back together as quickly as it is coming apart. I don't share well.

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Julie said...

Oh, how I can relate...

It's too bad you won't be able to get that room back together in the same amount of time it took to tear it apart!! That's the worst part of remodeling.

We went from a house with 2 bathrooms to one with 1.5, but the 1.5 bathroom has been out of commission for 2 years...and at least part of the time time there are 7 of us sharing 1 bathroom.