Friday, February 13, 2009

The Rains came down, and the Floods came up

Yes, it is raining again. I should be painting right now, but I just wanted to sit and do nothing when I got home from work. Work was interesting today. We had a gas leak this morning and had to evacuate the plant. Luckily the break room and lobby weren't affected so the group that I work with hung out in the lobby and had breakfast. The only down side is that I was at work a little later than I would have liked trying to catch up. Our hall project is taking longer than we intended, but it is getting there. Tonight we will put the last coat of paint on the doors and trim. Hopefully, we can get the walls painted tomorrow and then hang the new doors. We are making another trip to the home improvement store tonight for door hardware. Our next project will be the kids bath. It is going to be a big project. It started simply enough. We were just going to removed the wall paper, paint, and install tile floors. Somehow that has evolved to include a new vanity with sink and tile top. In addition, we are planning to tear out the walls around the tub to the studs and make it tile. It will be nice once it is done, but the chaos until then may drive me crazy.

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Julie said...

Those "small" projects are the ones that get you in trouble! LOL

I can totally relate. Hopefully your projects all go as smoothly as possible.

Glad the gas leak at your work was not too big of a deal!