Monday, February 23, 2009

It's all fun until...

Yesterday, John taught the boys one of the fundamentals of being a boy. They learned how to make ramps so they could get some air. Today they had lots of fun being boys. After taking a few pictures I went inside to mop the floor. The boys came in and played video games for a few minutes then went back out for more fun. Apparently, Jacob didn't feel the need to wear his helmet the second time around. After a few minutes I heard a pretty awful scream. Jacob fell off his bike after a jump and landed on his hands and knees. He was complaining that they were scratched. As we were walking in the house to wash his hands and knees, I noticed blood dripping down his neck from the back of his head. His hair is so thick it took me a minute to find the cut. It wasn't very big, so I didn't get too excited. I just put some pressure on it, and had him hold an ice pack on it. After about thirty minutes, I was pretty sure we needed to go get stitches. John got home and took a look. He decided I was just overreacting and it looked fine. After a few minutes he looked again and said maybe we should make a trip to the doctor to be safe. Jacob did really good at the doctor. He is so brave.Three stitches later all is well. He doesn't even have to miss school tomorrow. He is pretty excited that he has a story for writer's workshop. The joys of raising boys.


Roger said...

Y'all too?

Kid number three decided to have a run-in with a wooden swing, just below her left eyebrow.

Head wounds always bleed a lot, but it's good to be able to take them to the doctor.

jessica mohr said...

Jaela has the flu pretty bad, so she is home with me...she was looking at your blog with me. I read it to her and she said " boys are silly sometimes...what was he thinking?" Then she saw the picture at the dr, and freaked out wanting him to be ok.
Tell Jacob that Jaela had 6 stitches in her toe a few years ago... she is worried about him!! :o) boys will be boys- especially with John as a dad!!

Julie said...

UGH! Boys on bikes are scary. My son knocked out four of his front teeth when he was 5 by taking a header over the handlebars. And that wasn't even the first time he'd had stitches...(3 or 4 in his temple when he was about 3, he fell on the coffee table)

3 stitches isn't bad. Glad it wasn't worse!