Saturday, February 7, 2009

Surprises never end

John had to add some texture to the walls, so we aren't going to paint any in the hall today. No big deal we will just move on to other projects. First up, remove the gas heater from the family room. We turned in on once and the carbon monoxide alarm started going off. We then read the warning about not using it in an area without fresh air. Oops! I am really not sure why the previous owners installed it indoors, but there are lots of things about this house that perplex me. John is going to install it in the garage instead. Now we have a lovely blue spot on our wall. I have a hard time picturing what the family room must have looked like at one time. I am really glad they decided to paint the walls before listing the house. Anyway, John patched the holes and now we are waiting for it to dry. The hole where the gas line was is pretty big, so it will probably take several applications of patch before it is ready to paint. Luckily, there is some left over paint in the garage that matches the room. I really don't want to have to paint the entire room in the next couple of weeks.
Last night at Home Depot we decided to go ahead and get a programmable thermostat for the family room. As you can see, the one that is in there looks pretty sad. They are relatively inexpensive and the one we installed in the other half of the house has made a difference. Anyway, when John pulled the old thermostat off the wall he discovered some lovely wallpaper with records on it. Upon further inspection, I realized that they had painted over the wallpaper. In addition, there is a border around the top that was also painted over. Why would anyone paint over wallpaper. I don't get it. Needless to say the project list for that room is growing.

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Julie said...

You will probably find all kinds of weird stuff in your house.

We ripped the paneling out of our half bath and found some weird velvet fabric on the backside of one of the pieces. It also had some white wallpaper with a red velvet floral print. Strange.

I've never understood why people painted over wallpaper - until I had to strip the wallpaper in my in-law's kitchen last summer. Had I been in a real hurry, I would have totally painted over the wallpaper, because it took FOREVER to take off! LOL I'm glad I took the time to do it right though!