Saturday, July 18, 2009

74 is pretty awesome

It was a whopping 74 degrees this morning. It felt great. You could actually be outside without feeling like you were melting. The fire today was quite large, but it burned down quickly. Joshua and I went to the end of the drive to get the paper and you could see the fire over the house. This should be our last fire for a while. We have ripped out all the back deck, so demolition is complete. This weekend, we hope to get some small inside projects done. Specifically, we need to get all the new doors and baseboards painted and installed. We are trying to finish up all our petty projects before school starts in three weeks. The summer has gone by so fast. I will be on vacation next week so the kids and I can prepare for school. We need to clean out closets and shop for school clothes. We also need to embark on the school supply scavenger hunt. Last year I waited until the week before school started and many supplies were sold out. I hope to avoid that headache this year. Have a great weekend!

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