Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another week gone by

I looked at the blog and saw that it has been a week since our last update, but I am not sure where the time has gone. Sitting back we see some progress but in the midst of it we seem to get overwhelmed. We are going to have to start making specific goals and working on them so we can check them off. This weekend we removed the last of the old decking in the back yard, so all demolition is now complete. We now have to borrow a tiller to break up some of the hard ground and level it the best we can. Once it is fairly level we are going to put out grass seed to help hold the soil and to make it less of a muddy mess when it rains. We hope to bring in several loads of topsoil and possibly sod next year, but we will see about that. We also now have a second gate at the end of our fence, so all we have to do is the 24 remaining sections of fence, but that also will wait for now as we work on more pressing issues.

On the inside we hung a new door for Jacob's closet. We still need to replace Joshua's and the one that leads to the laundry room. We have the doors but need to paint them and install the new hardware so they match the rest of the house. I am pretty sure that will be on the top of the list. Now that we have the carpet installed we need to get baseboards down. We have 200' of them in the garage that we bought last week, we just need to paint and install them. The other project outstanding is the kitchen walls where we took out the siding last week. The walls have been patched and sanded and are just needing textured and painted. We are trying to decide if we are going to paint them a new color now or just match the hall.

It really isn't that many projects right now, just several fairly large ones that will take some time. Hopefully we can knock out a good chunk this weekend.

On an unrelated note, we got to see a surprise in our grill the past couple of weeks. We saw a bird keep flying in and out of the bottom of it. After a few days it would fly in with something in its mouth and we would hear a loud "cheeping" noise. This weekend we saw the baby birds venture out of the nest and hop around the patio a bit. I am not sure if they are gone yet, but we haven't been out to watch them in a couple of days. It is fun to sit back and watch this little bit of nature happening right in front of you.

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