Sunday, July 19, 2009

The never ending baseboards

We have been wanting to get the baseboards in the bedrooms for just over two weeks now, but the motivation to get it done has been lacking. It might actually happen this week. John spent some time painting today. Once we get the ones he painted installed we can paint some more. Someday all the rooms in our house will once again have baseboards. I am hopeful that day is near. In addition to the baseboards we are installing new doors on the kids closets and in the laundry room. It will be a relief to have these little projects done. We need to be focusing more on our outdoor projects for now. Speaking of which, John had a run in with our not so friendly backyard pests today. He got two yellow jacket stings on his leg. He was mowing near the house and disturbed a nest. Now we have two nests that need to be treated. John is currently devising a plan. It involves four inch drain pipe, boiling water, and laundry soap. I'll keep you posted.


Daniella said...

i made my blog private today, and couldn't access your email address to get you an invite-if you'll just email me at i can set that up. :)

that is, if you still want to read and all. :)

Julie said...

Yeah, it's not like you've had anything else going on...why haven't you gotten those baseboards done yet?? LOL

When I read that line about John having a plan, then the next thing I saw was 4 inch pipe...let's just say I was thinking something explosive. I HATE bees, wasps, hornets...pretty much anything that stings.

Ha! My word verification word is "dotend".

As in I "dotend" to get a little carried away sometimes. LOL

Kristina said...

John would prefer to use explosives, but I was pretty insistent he not. He decided to forgo the pipe plan and just pour boiling soapy water in the nest. He did it last night and amazingly escaped with no stings. Tonight he will do the other nest.