Tuesday, July 28, 2009

According to John

Alright, it's been a full day since our last post, so I figured I had better update the world that is hanging in suspense waiting for our next update. OK, maybe that's a stretch but Kristina is out running so I have some time to kill. I could feel bad that she's out running and I'm sitting here, but I have seen the classics like According to Jim, Still Standing, and King of Queens and based on those the wife is always the one in shape while the guy sits around.

We have completed our jobs that were in progress in the house: baseboards are in all of the bedrooms, and new doors and hardware are hung on the boy's closets and for the laundry room. We obviously still have lots to do such as taking the final paneling out of the dining nook and painting the wall there, but we are taking a break now from inside.

We have a large muddy area that is making up the backyard following our demolition. We planted grass seed on half of it and watered it a couple of days but stopped once the monsoon came and washed it to the next county. We will work on leveling the other half before we replant. We mainly just want to hold the dirt through the winter and spring in hopes of sodding it next year with St Augustine to match the rest of the yard.

Our fence is at the point it will be until this fall when we are able to complete it. The first third of it is finished, as are both gates. When we build the rest of the sections we will add the post lights and caps.

Right now we are going to focus on enjoying the slower pace of not rushing to finish the next project and transitioning as the boys go back to school the week after next. We are planning on cooking out this weekend. I have several racks of good ribs that I will be smoking. I'm not sure if anyone is coming to help eat them, but I hope so because I don't need to eat them all myself or I will have to be out there running, and what would you do for entertainment without being able to read this?

That's about all I know. Hope everyone is doing good.

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Julie said...

LOL. Thanks for the laughs about the sitcom moms & dads. That DOES seem to be the case.