Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yellow Jackets aren't cool

After a relaxing swim, John and I decided to spend the afternoon working around the back yard. John was working on some electrical wiring for the light in the pool, and I was working on leveling the ground where we ripped out the deck. As you can see from the picture above, I was making progress loosening the dirt so it would be easier to level with the rake. All was going well until I disturbed a yellow jacket nest. They were not happy with me. I managed to escape with only three stings, but we killed 5 that made it into the house with me.The picture above is of the colony entrance. After I came inside to treat my wounds and rest, John put hot coals on it. There are lots of bees swarming around it trying to find a way in. I am not sure how we go about treating the nest now since everything I have read says you have to get the poison into the nest opening. I have also read that if they aren't posing a threat you should leave them alone and they will die out in the fall. I am not sure we can wait that long since they are pretty close to the house and swarming rather aggressively. We may be making a trip to Home Depot tonight. John needs more PVC glue anyway since he is redoing some of the pool plumbing. The things we do for fun.

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