Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another weekend comes to a close

John and I left Friday evening for a two night stay at the Pearl River Resort and Casino near Philadelphia, MS. We chose said establishment because we got a really great deal. By Saturday morning we were ready to come home. It's not that it wasn't a nice place, we just don't stay away from home well. We have way to many projects that need done. We took the long way home on Saturday so we could drive through Decatur, MS. It was a sight to see.The water tower says Town of Decatur, but the picture didn't turn out too great. As we were making the trek home I called my friend Jessica to let her know that we were on our way and she wouldn't have to put up with my kids for another night. She told me that John and I needed to find something else to do since it was our anniversary. Once we got home, she informed me that she and my friend Jenny had already made plans to take my kids to a movie Saturday, so John and I should go have fun. We went to Lowes and bought a bathtub and concrete. We are the romantics. Once the kids were home from the movie, John poured the concrete base for the new pool pump and filter. We all put our hand prints in it. John even put the dogs paw in it.
Today we went to church and then ran by the mall to get Jacob some pants. That kid is growing like crazy. After that, John dropped me off at my friend Becky's for my ladies group and he and the kids went to a parent meeting for Jacob's baseball team. Tomorrow night Jacob will have his first practice. This will be our first week with both of them having baseball practice. Of course none of the practices are on the same days. I need to go by the library and get a book. I am about to have plenty of time to sit and read. Maybe baseball practice will be a good thing. I could use the down time.

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