Friday, March 27, 2009

How did this happen

I feel like one minute it was Sunday and then I blinked and it was Friday. This working for a living messes with my clock. The funny thing is, the working is the easy part. The hard part is all the things that need done once I am home from work. Thankfully, baseball practice is cancelled tonight. Since it is supposed to continue raining all night, I am assuming that tomorrow's practice will be cancelled as well.
We have way too much to get done this weekend. We have been busy this week, so projects around the house have been on hold. That means we will not get any rest this weekend. By the end of the weekend we hope to have the bath closer to complete and the pool in working order.
On a more fun note, I received a belated anniversary gift this week. When I got home on Thursday, the UPS man had left me a package. I knew it was coming, so it wasn't a surprise, but it was still fun to unpack it all. Four place settings of China, plus a cream and sugar set. There is a story behind this. When we married, this is the china I registered for. At that time we got five place settings. Over the years we have talked about adding a place setting on each anniversary, but it never seemed to happen. Last year the idea of completing our set became more urgent when Noritake discontinued the pattern. Enter eBay. We have been watching and occasionally bidding. Keep in mind, that we like to get a deal. We aren't going to spend an outrageous amount on dishes we never use. Last week John found the above set at a decent price and got it for me. He is so good to me.

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