Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two Weeks to Go

I am not sure how it happened, but we have less than two weeks to make our bathroom and hall useable. We started with what we thought was plenty of time to do a small bathroom project and to maybe do a little work on our floors. As you have seen our little projects grow, and four days a week of baseball has impacted our free time. We have gotten a lot done, and our pool is uncovered and the new pump and filter are working, although the water is not what we want it to look like yet (pictures to follow soon). We hope to have floors done today (we will see how that goes). If that happens we are on track to be finished with everything this week and have a week to recover before my parents and Granny come visit. We are ready for a weekend that does not involve non-stop work and to be able to sit back and just have some family time. I guess I had better go for now, hopefully Kristina will have a chance to put some pics up this afternoon of our fun.

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