Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can you dry a cat

My cat is a bit skittish tonight. She has good reason. Cats don't like to be in the dryer while it is on. I didn't intend to dry her, but I didn't know she had gotten in there. I turned the dryer on and started to put another load in the wash. My dryer was making an awful noise. I kept hearing something hit the side and it was almost jumping. I thought, what could be in there. About that time I had the awful realization. I quickly opened the door and peaked in. It took her a second to get out from under the clothes. She jumped out and ran off. I tracked her down to be sure she was alright. She seems okay and she even let me pet her for a few seconds before biting me. I guess we are back to normal. The picture above is actually from yesterday. John has been busy doing a little more demolition.

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Julie said...

Oh my word - poor kitty. I hate to admit this, but when I was 19, I accidentally killed my cat in the dryer.

I was doing laundry, had just unloaded the dryer (so it was nice and warm inside), then after I folded the clothes, I put the load of jeans I had just washed into the dryer. I never even new what happened until it was too late. It was the worst thing I have ever experienced for sure...although I did learn to ALWAYS check the dryer before adding clothes.

So glad your kitty is okay!!