Sunday, March 29, 2009


This weekend has gone by way too fast. We got a lot accomplished, but there is still much to do. Lets start with the pool.It is uncovered, and the new pump and filter have been installed. There have only been a few glitches. The first little glitch involved the wiring. We had to run new conduit and wiring because roots had grown through the old wiring. The second glitch is a little more troubling and is going to take some time to resolve. Apparently, since it has been so wet this winter, the water table is up. Ground water seeped behind the pool liner and caused it to float away from the sides. John did some research and discovered that the best way to remedy the problem is to pump the water out while adding water to the pool. He just pumped the water from behind the liner into the pool. The plan was to equalize the pressure by moving the water from one side of the liner to the other. It made sense to me. That may not have been the best plan. Our pool that started out pretty clear is now a very murky green. Today we went and bought some Super Floc to hopefully clear it up. We are learning a lot about pool maintenance. We may forgo covering it next year and just run the pump all winter to avoid this problem.
On to our little bathroom project. John got a lot done this weekend. Yesterday he grouted the vanity and the shower. They look awesome. Today most of his time has been spent cutting tile and lining it all up. Right now the plan is to lay the tile tomorrow evening. As of this morning we had decided to stop with the entryway and wait until after Easter to tile the front room. I think John may have other plans, since he is tearing up the wood floors in the front room as I type.

On another note, Oscar does not like air tools. While John was trying to get up the old glue, Oscar was trying to attack the air hammer. He is not the most intelligent puppy.

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