Monday, March 16, 2009

Bathroom Update

Tonight John installed the new light/vent combination. The UPS man delivered it today. I had to laugh when I pulled into the drive because he had put it on the carport and covered it with the door mat. I don't know if he was afraid the rain would get it, or if he didn't want anyone to see it. John has begun patching where the old vent used to be. I think he is waiting on the first layer to dry so he can do some more blending.Next he will take down the fluorescent light and patch the ceiling. The new vanity light will attach to the wall. Tonight he spent some time working on the cabinet that will go over the toilet. We are reusing the cabinet that was there, but John has done a little reworking on it. I just love it when things start going back together.

John took up another tile in the kitchen tonight. That gave us an even better glimpse of the old linoleum. I am not sure that was ever attractive.

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